Our Genesis:

Our journey began in 2014 when David Taylor purchased a humble lawn care service known then as Simple Lawn Services. It was the first seed of a growing devotion to the landscaping community.

Customer Experience:

PennyLawns.com is dedicated to elevating outdoor living through premium hardscaping solutions that blend accessibility with exceptional design. We provide homeowners with affordable, quality alternatives to conventional landscaping companies, ensuring precision and attention to detail from the start to the completion of each project. Our commitment to excellence is reinforced by our robust warranty, versatile financing options, and partnerships with top-tier contractors, all ensuring a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

Contractor Success:

Bridging the gap between our services and the contractors who bring them to life, we acknowledge and address the challenges they encounter. From overcoming marketing difficulties and language barriers to enhancing customer interaction, PennyLawns.com creates a supportive backdrop where contractors can excel. Acting as a business incubator, we offer the guidance and resources essential for their professional growth and success.


This synergy between the dreams of our homeowners and the expertise of our contractors is the cornerstone of our community. Together, we are dedicated to crafting remarkable outdoor spaces that stand out for their beauty and functionality. PennyLawns.com is not just curating spaces — we are nurturing the aspirations of every individual we work with and fostering growth at every turn, ensuring that each project we undertake is as unique and enduring as the relationships we build."